A Family of Characters!

Brandon Rushin Productions

Brandon Rushin is a dynamic speaker, entertainer and emcee with 25 years of ministry experience.  Brandon, and his “characters”, provide high energy, interactive events that are crowd pleasing and memorable!  His messages are proven to make even the squirmiest kids sit quietly and listen to his every word!  Brandon travels the US speaking and entertaining at Churches, Businesses, Conferences and Camps!  If you are looking for something different – you’ve found it!


Disco Pete

Disco Pete

Are you ready to get the party started? Are you ready to get out of your seat and move your feet? Well Disco Pete is here to help bring the celebration and fun to your next event!



What’s cooler than being cool? HEY YA knows!!! HEY YA is a hilarious, dancing personality that will make you have more fun than you thought was possible! You really have to see it to believe it!

Aunt J

Aunt J

We all need some good southern hospitality. Aunt J will help your next activity to be formally fun for everyone. You will remember that God loves you, and so does your Aunt J.



This SGT. is one tough dude! His idea of having fun is barking out orders and yelling at everyone. Think you can handle it? UH, NA NA NA NA!



Coach Bobcat is here to show you how to be your best and have the most fun! Every team needs a good coach. The coach can teach, instruct, and bring the best out of everyone. With Coach Bobcat everybody at your next event will be saying “It’s Good!”



Safari Steve wants to show you how to be your best adventurer. “Good day mates” is a greeting of friendship and adventure. With Safari Steve you will explore and realize you have a new friend who wants to join you for this fun journey.


Brandon always “Brings it” he always shows up with great insight and solid message. What makes it stick is that he is gifted with such charm and humor that he totally draws you in and makes you part of the experience.

Meg Procopio, Isle of Hope UMC, Isle of Hope, GA

We love the videos that Brandon put together for us promoting our event. This got people excited and helped the staff from and organizational perspective.

Allen Taylor, Journey Church, Buford, GA

What an incredible week we had having Brandon being here to minister to our kids! Brandon has such great energy and a sweet spirit about him and jumped in and helped in every direction possible until the end. The message he brought each day along with the object lessons were more than we could ask for.

Laura Northrup, First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

Brandon was above and beyond anything and everything I imagined he would be.  I had different expectations of bringing in someone to help with VBS and he exceeded those expectations.

Zach Zettler, First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS

Brandon is always so easy to work with and always brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our events.  Kids, parents, and coaches love it when he comes.

Jeff Sorrow, Shadowbrook Baptist Church, Suwanee, GA

Brandon is a joy to work with on the stage.  He is positive and upbeat, even in the face of challenging conditions (monsoon rains, etc.)!  I could not have asked for a better MC for our stage.

Michelle Budd, Suwanee Fest, Suwanee, GA

We had such a phenomenal week with Brandon. Once again, our students walked away from the week feeling so loved-on by him. They are still talking about the things they learned and the laughs they shared. Personally speaking, he is so easy to work with. He made the whole week a joy for our sound guy, Tim, and me! We are so grateful for his ministry!

Justin Smith, Fellowship Christian Academy, Roswell, GA


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Scheduled Events
  • 2/3/24: (TX) Texarkana: Event
    2/4/24: (TX) Texarkana: Event
    2/5/24: (TX) Available for booking
    2/6/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording

  • 2/17/24: (GA) Atlanta: EMCEE Fundraiser

  • 3/2/24: (OH) Alliance:  Upward Celebration
    3/3/24: (TX) Available for booking 
    3/4/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording
    3/5/24: (TX) Available for booking 

  • 3/7/24: (GA) Atlanta: EMCEE
    3/8/24: (GA) Atlanta: EMCEE
    3/9/24: (GA) Atlanta: EMCEE
    3/10/24: (GA) Atlanta: EMCEE

  • 3/31/24: (GA) Fayetteville: Easter Services

  • 3/28/24: (GA) Atlanta: Bingo

  • 4/2/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording
    4/3/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording

  • 4/7/24: (FL) West Palm Beach: Spiritual Week
    4/8/24: (FL) West Palm Beach: Spiritual Week
    4/9/24: (FL) West Palm Beach: Spiritual Week
    4/10/24: (FL) West Palm Beach: Spiritual Week

  • 4/13/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE
    4/14/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE

  • 4/19/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE
    4/20/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE
  • 4/23/24: (GA) Atlanta: Conference
    4/24/24: (GA) Atlanta: Conference
    4/25/24: (GA) Atlanta: Conference

  • 4/25/24: (GA) Atlanta: Wedding Rehearsal
    4/26/24: (GA) Atlanta: Officiate Wedding

  • 5/4/24: (MO) St. Louis: EMCEE (reserved)

  • 5/8/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording
    5/9/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording

  • 5/24/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE

  • 6/4/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording
    6/5/24: (TX) Dallas: Recording

  • 6/14/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE

  • 6/21/24: (TX) Texarkana: Camp
    6/22/24: (TX) Texarkana: Camp
    6/23/24: (TX) Texarkana: Camp
    6/24/24: (TX) Texarkana: Camp
    6/25/24: (TX) Texarkana: Camp
    6/26/24: (TX) Available for booking
    6/27/24: (TX) Wichita Falls: VBS
    6/28/24: (TX) Wichita Falls: VBS

  • 7/11/24: (TX) Aquilla: Camp
    7/12/24: (TX) Aquilla: Camp
    7/13/24: (TX) Aquilla: Camp
    7/14/24: (TX) Aquilla: Camp
    7/15/24: (TX) Aquilla: Camp

  • 7/21/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)
    7/22/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)
    7/23/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)
    7/24/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)
    7/25/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)
    7/26/24: (FL) Windermere: VBS (Reserved)

  • 8/3/24: (GA) Atlanta: Wedding Reception

  • 8/9/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE

  • 9/21/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE
    9/22/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE
  • 9/24/24: (IN) Evansville: KidzMatter Conference
    9/25/24: (IN) Evansville: KidzMatter Conference
    9/26/24: (IN) Evansville: KidzMatter Conference

  • 9/27/24: (GA) St Simons Island: Camp
    9/28/24: (GA) St Simons Island: Camp
    9/29/24: (GA) St Simons Island: Camp

  • 11/15/24: (GA) Atlanta: Wedding Rehearsal
    11/16/24: (GA) Atlanta: Officiate Wedding

  • 12/6/24: (GA) Suwanee: EMCEE

  • 12/9/24: (GA) Atlanta: School Event (Reserved)
    12/10/24: (GA) Atlanta: School Event (Reserved)